Co-op horror game Lethal Company hits over 100k concurrent players on Steam

That’s a lot of interstellar cooperation!

Lethal Company

The co-op horror / scavenging game Lethal Company has exceeded 100,000 concurrent players via Steam. In fact, according to Steam Charts, the horror experience has reached a peak player total of 114,672 at the time of writing.

“While I was asleep Lethal Company passed 100,000 concurrent players,” the developer wrote in a post on Twitter. “Unbelievable, thank you for playing. Releasing updates for this game will be very fun.”

Lethal Company entered Early Access on Steam on October 23, so the fact that less than a month later it’s celebrating over 100,000 concurrent players is kind of amazing, especially for a game made by a solo developer who got their start on the Roblox platform.

Following the peak players announcement, Zeekerss wrote via Twitter that Lethal Company’s “next enemy is seasonal,” but the developer made certain to clarify they used the word “enemy” intentionally. “These ones will not be ‘creatures’ as I refer to the rest. These are Enemies. Antagonists. Combatants. Foes. Enjoy this pre-invasion time.”

In the replies, one user asked if their usage of the word “seasonal” implied the new enemy would only be present in the game temporarily. Zeekerss clarified that their use of the word “seasonal” was meant to suggest the enemy itself will be themed around the holiday season.

Lethal Company entered Early Access on October 23. In the co-op experience, players must salvage from “abandoned, industrialized moons” in order to fulfill their obligations to a mysterious “Company.” But, there’s a reason it’s co-op — while you’re hunting scrap, something else is hunting you. It is available via PC, and there are no indications at the moment of a console release. 

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