CNN travels back in time, discovers RapeLay controversy



You heard it here first. CNN has somehow managed to build a time machine that allows them to travel into the past. That’s the only possible explanation for why they seem to think it’s still 2009 and that RapeLay is news. It’s certainly not because they are completely out of touch with this subject matter or anything. No sir.

To the credit of the news agency, at least some attempt to present multiple perspectives on the subject was made. There’s a pair of British gamers on there who seem perfectly reasonable human beings who express a viewpoint of non-censorship and a representative of a women’s group who wants Japan to ban the making of these games.

Even still, there’s really no excuse for drumming up this controversy now, almost a year after it happened, suggesting that it’s a new thing somehow. 

‘RapeLay’ video game goes viral amid outrage [CNN]

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