CNBC ‘proof that Sony is winning’ reporter follow-up

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How could we forget the headline “The Ultimate Proof That Sony is Winning,” from CNBC reporter Jane Wells a couple of months ago? This statement was solely based on her 16-year-old son’s choice of PS3 over an Xbox 360. We had a field day with that. Now she’s back with a follow-up.

Today, in an article named “PlayStation, Xbox And Post That Launched A ‘Thousand’ Emails,” Wells responds to an email from a reader, who asks for an update on her son and his beloved PS3.

It turns out that he regrets trading in his Xbox 360. He still likes his PS3, but he misses his Xbox Live buddies. Mom says:

I’ve noticed that he’s not playing the PS3 very much, and, in fact, he’s reactivated his old World of Warcraft account, from Activision’s Blizzard Entertainment.

As for the PS3, he says that he’s waiting for new games. So are we, man. They’re coming though. It seems he’s levelled up a bit, as he tells mom that he wants to save up to buy an Xbox 360 to have both. Now we’re talking. 

That will only leave out the Wii, which, I’m afraid, he wouldn’t be caught dead owning.

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