Club Nintendo goes (sort of) live

“Why is it that only Japanese people get to play Tingle’s Balloon Fight, Da-Da? Why can’t I be allowed to play poker with Animal Crossing playing cards? Does Nintendo hate me because my eyes are too round?” Those are the questions my imaginary son, little Jo-NintendoWii-nathan, asks me every night before I tuck him into bed. He’s been waiting a long time for Club Nintendo to open its doors to countries other than Japan, and today, it looks like his wait is finally over.

Or is it? I’ve been trying to sign up for the service (which allows you to register Nintendo products online in return for otherwise unavailable games and other merchandise) for the last hour, and the registration screen consistently freezes half way through the process, and has occasionally even shifted back to the “coming soon” screen that’s been up for weeks now. Does Nintendo of America know that I have thousand of dollars of Nintendo games ready to register right now, and as such have seen fit to block my registration before I clear the entire Club Nintendo inventory of all its wares? Or could it be that Nintendo is still having problems getting this whole “internet” thing to work for them?

The only way I’ll get these questions anwsered is to keep trying to register myself. I wont let you down, little Jo-NintendoWii-nathan Holmes Jr.! Tonight, you shall shop online for useless Nintendo-shaped garbage just like you cousin Akira-Tetsuo Holmes Jr. has been doing for years, even if takes refreshing that damn registration screen all night. 

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