Club Nintendo ‘Elite’ reward is totally rad

Club Nintendo has revealed its rewards for its “Elite” members, and it’s, um… wow. It’s awesome.

The “Super Mario Characters Figurine” is a 3.9 inch in height, 4.6 inch in diameter display featuring your favorite Nintendo characters — Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Toad, a Goomba, and Bowser watching over them all. It comes in fancy decorative packaging, if you can stand the keep the sucker in a box.

In order to be eligible for “Elite” status, members will have had to have earned over 600 coins. Me, I’ve earned 410, but I also have half a dozen games I needed to register and surveys I needed to take. Damn my laziness.

But for those of you who hit the mark, enjoy your new awesomeness. Keep in mind, though, you might be waiting awhile — Nintendo is saying you should received the reward by December 2010. Check your calendar. That’s a long time from now, so hang tight.

[Thanks Matt and Allen!]

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