Clock Tower on its way to the big screen

I know, part of me wants to be excited too. However, it seems Variety Entertainment has confirmed that Clock Tower will be adapted for the screen, but that it will be produced by Marco Weber (Igby Goes Down) and directed by Martin Weisz (The Hills Have Eyes 2). That combo is like giving me a cup of steaming, delicious tea with a little bit of poo stirred in, but maybe Weber will take the upper hand. (I hope.)

The story will be majorly based on Clock Tower 2: The Struggle Within, in which the female protagonist finds she is locked in a mental hospital suffering a curse that has plagued her family for ages. Shooting starts in July of this year. What do you think, Dtoid — could be good, or will likely follow the trend of mutilating games we love into films we groan over?

At least it’s not another Boll masterpiece … 

[Via Popsucker]

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