Clive Barker’s Jericho demon demo downloadable a day early

Hot off the presses, and by that I mean the Something Awful forums, is the news that the Jericho demo is a day early on Filefront and Gamespot. Jericho appealed to me because of its demonic time-traveling squad mechanic, although the trailers have made it look a bit silly in an eye-rolling, takes-itself-too-seriously way. Despite Dtoid’s earlier good impressions following a preview, reports in this thread are less than enthusiastic:

Well I guess I’ll say that I thought the demo was pretty damn terrible.

It feels like I’m looking at the world through a camera with a half-jar of vaseline on the end (including the jar itself), the character movement feels very sluggish and the DDR sequence is really awful both in pacing and style. I don’t mind console-centric controls in my games, but this one just seems to be a half-assed “map some shit randomly to the keyboard” instead of any sort of thought being put into it.

I really hope this is the wrong version of the demo since it’s out a day early.

I am personally unable to verify suck or not suck, as it were, since I am currently without a monitor.  Here’s where you come in: I want you to cram every cubic inch of that comments box with your own very personal impressions of this demo, starting NOW. 

Eliza Gauger