Cliffy Bleszy shows off Gears of War 2’s multiplayer

Unreal Tournament 3 is set to come out next week for the Xbox 360 and it looks like Nick Chester totally called it. The exclusive Gears of War 2 video coming with Unreal 3 got put on to the Internet before the games release.

Clifford Bleszinski guides us through the behind-the-scenes footage showing off the new additions to the multiplayer such as new weapons, modes, stages and more. The biggest change is that Gears 2 can support up to 10 players now. That’s definitely better than before, but still a small number compared to most other online games. 

One of the really cool new modes shown in this preview is the Meatflag. It’s like capture the flag, except you have to capture an actual person who can shoot back. You have to down the person/flag, and then drag them back while holding him as a meat shield. Fantastic new twist to a classic gametype. 

Take a look at the preview and let us know what you think of all the new additions. Personally, I look forward to using the Longshot Sniper rifle as a sledgehammer.

[Thanks, Zulu!]

Hamza Aziz