Cliffy B blames tech for bald space marine overload

Have you ever wondered why this generation’s games are full of bald space marines in brown and gray environments? Of course you haven’t, but don’t worry, Cliffy B explains it all — a bit like Clarissa, except you never wanked over Maxim pics of Cliffy B when you were fourteen.

“The technology of this generation just happens to be very good at rendering metals and stones and dramatic lighting,” Cliff notes, explaining why games like Gears of War are so gray. “The tech is good at showing off armor and it’s not that good at doing hair … that’s why we have bald space marines.”

So, it’s the technological limitations, and not the lack of imagination from game developers, that is apparently to blame. Doesn’t quite explain why the brightly colored and marine-free Viva Piñata games are the best looking titles this generation, but there ya go!

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