Cliff Bleszinski is showing off scrapped projects, and DragonFlies sounds so damn cool

I would’ve played this

Boss Key Productions, the developer responsible for LawBreakers and Radical Heights, closed its doors yesterday. It was a sad day — as it always is when these sorts of things happen — but this one felt a little more unfair. The studio only got to release one game and it was legitimately good. It just never found an audience and that’s all she wrote.

Boss Key founder Cliff Bleszinski noted that he’s going to take some time off work to reflect. Before backing away, Bleszinski figured he might as well show off some concepts that never got picked up by publishers. The first and most striking is something that was codenamed “DragonFlies.”

Here’s a tweet chain with all the description that Bleszinski gave:

It doesn’t feel responsible to take some concept art and a rough premise, and use them as justification for why something should’ve been made. But I’ll do it anyway. Man, this sounds like it could’ve been so goddamn cool. Someone should’ve picked this up. Look how long that sword is! Swords plus dragons equals profit. That means big swords plus big dragons equals big profit. It’s simple math, maybe the associative property (but who can really remember).

Here are a couple of other projects that never got the greenlight:

Now I implore you to scroll up and look at the dragon game again. Take note, every publisher in the world: You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take.

Brett Makedonski
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