Clever dude creates a game as a marriage proposal

Gone are the days you can get down on one knee with the ring at a fancy dinner. Now you’ve got to get the proposal up in lights at a pro football game, or have Oprah do it for you on national television, or something incredibly outlandish like that. If you do it the normal way, the girl is going to scoff and you’ll be alone forever. Something to keep in mind, guys.

One clever guy created a game as a proposal. And it’s not just some meh, quickly built game. This is a cool looking co-op puzzle game. As you’ll see in the above video, he worked the proposal into the game and even figured out a cool way for her to get the ring from the game. You’ll see what I mean. 

Pretty slick, man. 

A Mobius Proposal: Guy creates video game to propose marriage [Joystiq]

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