Clever DS encourages your inner mad scientist

Remember when you were a kid and you had your own “cooking set”, complete with burners and tiny utensils? Clever DS is going for that angle, except without the possibility of setting your mother on fire. The game takes a puzzle approach to over 100 laboratory experiments, which we imagine will utilize the touch screen for execution.

While the game sounds like a good idea, I have to admit it is heavily overshadowed for me by the box art. I believe we are supposed to feel that the man has in fact reached true cleverness, because a woman is there looking proud of him. Regardless, it’s awesomely odd and I feel pity for the other box art competitiors of 2008, who already at this early stage do not stand a chance.

No release news just yet, but we’ll keep you updated on when you can buy the box — ahem, the GAME — as soon as we know more details.

[Via Nintendic — thanks, Jonathan] 

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