Clay Fighter for DSiWare is an update of Clay Fighter 63 1/3

Wait, what? This totally came out of nowhere, but it really is a thing. Nintendo Everything (by way of Nintendo Power) has info on the new Clay Fighter game. Well, it’s not exactly new as Clay Fighter: Call of Putty is going to be an updated version of Clay Fighter 63 1/3 from the Nintendo 64. Cool?

There will be 16 fighters including Bad Mr. Frosty, Lady Liberty, Sumo Santa and Earthworm Jim. Boogerman will also be in the game. You remember Boogerman, right?! He hasn’t been relevant in like 15 years.

Expect a story mode, multiplayer mode, finishing moves called “Claytalities” and oh god no one cares about this series anymore. It’s one of those games you remember as being kind of good but then you go to play it again and it sucks.

In the weird case that you actually like Clay Fighters still, expect Call of Putty to be out on the DSiWare no later than early 2011.

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