Class of Heroes for PS3 gets a delay

Class of Heroes is a PSP dungeon-crawler published in North America by Atlus. Clash of Heroes is the abbreviation my mind makes for the brilliant puzzle-RPG hybrid Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes coming to PSN and Xbox Live Arcade later this year. So, you can see how I might have freaked out upon seeing a headline saying that Class of Heroes on PS3 has been delayed.

It only took a moment to realize my mistake but then I seized upon an idea: If I wrote a story about how the HD remake of Class of Heroes 2 is going to have its Japanese release date delayed by one week, I could include the aforementioned humorous anecdote. We could all have a jolly laugh about my crippling fear that one of my favorite games from last year might not appear on one of the home platforms right when I want it. And I could subtly plant in your mind how important it is that you buy Clash of Heroes.

So, yeah, Clash of Heroes is awesome and you should really go buy it for your DS and then again when the spiffy HD version releases. As for this Class of Heroes stuff, there’s been no announcement that we’ll ever see it outside of Japan.

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