Clash of the Titans director ‘far away’ from game tie-in

Louis Leterrier, director of the Clash of the Titans remake and Transporter 2, is into videogames. What he’s not into, however, is Namco Bandai’s game adaptation of his film. He told MTV Multiplayer that while he’d “love to be involved” with the project, the people making the tie-in are “just far, far away from” him.

“If I work on a game, I want to work on a game game. It’s kinda hard to work on a movie and on your game at the same time,” admits Leterrier. “There’s so much freedom in games these days. There’s no limit to the story that you can tell in games.”

“Take BioShock, for example, or Lost Planet,” he continues. “It transposes you to another planet. The first game that I was hooked on was Metal Gear Solid. I needed to know what was happening. That’s what I’d love to do, something with great storytelling and interactive play.”

Well, at least someone gets it. Too bad Clash of the Titans — the game, not the movie — doesn’t look particularly inspired. The movie looks great if only because Liam effing Neeson is Zeus.

Exclusive: ‘Clash Of The Titans’ Director Not Involved In Tie-In Game, Wants To Make ‘Metal Gear’-Style Game [MTV Multiplayer]

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