Clannad visual novel on Steam, briefly outsells Call of Duty

Cheap this week, too

Visual novel Clannad released on PC in Japan back in 2004 and since spawned various adaptations, including an anime series. Publisher Sekai Project ran a Kickstarter last year for an official English release that was funded by almost 6,000 backers to the tune of over $540,000.

Clannad follows the story of Hikarizaka Private High School student Tomoya Okazaki, an emotionally-distant delinquent student. After losing his mother in an accident and subsequently falling victim to an abusive, alcoholic father, Okazaki meets a strange young girl, Nagisa Furukawa, who is repeating the year due to a severe illness. Furukawa enlists Okazaki to help revive their school’s drama club.”

Just under a year since the campaign ended and Clannad is officially on Steam in English, upgraded to HD resolution. It even briefly staked its claim on top of Call of Duty: Black Ops III and Grand Theft Auto V on the top-sellers list (just behind Fallout 4 and CS:GO) though it has since settled down. It also includes an encyclopedia for Japanese tradition and pop culture. It’s currently on sale for its launch week at a reduced $42.50 (normally $50) and yes, I mostly wrote about it to use the above header image.

Steven Hansen