Civilization VI, which retails for 60 bucks, is free on the Epic Games Store

Through May 28

The wild summer of free stuff continues, as Epic has just revealed the next Epic Game Store promotion: and it’s a big one.

Civilization VI is now on the docket, which somehow still retails for $59.99 on marketplaces like Steam. You have from now through May 28 at 11AM ET to grab it, and I suggest you do so. While the Civ series has had its ups and downs, Civ VI is a great series entry and a source of endless afternoons either solo or with friends. If you haven’t ventured into the 4X genre yet (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate, the basic tenets of how you approach a 4X game), now is the time with the recent and user-friendly Civ VI.

But since this is 2K after all, the situation isn’t circumstantial. The mega-publisher just recently announced a massive year-long season pass for the game, which goes for $39.99, on top of the existing “Platinum Upgrade” that has prior DLC packs in tow. If new folks get sucked into this nearly four-year-old game, they’ll probably shell out. It’s genius.

For now, enjoy the freebie!

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