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Civilization VI scores pre-order deal at Bundle Stars

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Quickly, before Gandhi nukes the deal

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Update 12/22: Its Winter Sale time and the latest and best Civ VI deals are listed below.

Believe it or not, we haven’t seen a noticeable discount on Civilization VI for months now. While pre-order deals were a norm in years past, it looked like 2K was keeping a tight lid on Civ VI this time around. This changes a bit today with a $12 price break at Bundle Stars and a similar 20 percent off on the Deluxe Edition too.

Civilization VI Pre-Order Deal

    GMG North America:

    GamesPlanet Europe/United Kingdom:

    Bundle Stars North America:

      Given Bundle Stars is selling keys straight from 2K, you’ll get the same Aztec Civilization Pack pre-order bonus that you would on Steam’s store (which is made available to the public after 90 days anyway). According to Bundle Stars, this deal will last 23 more days, which is right up to the game’s release. That may be true, or 2K could put the hammer down on this discount like it has other sites (which we have a hunch is coming).

      The Digital Deluxe comes with the 25th anniversary digital soundtrack (yasss), access to four additional post-launch DLC packs with new maps, scenarios, civs, and leaders. You can buy these packs piecemeal too, but at a slightly higher cost.

      Note that there are some region restrictions to keep in mind for this Bundle Stars deal. The game won’t activate in Cuba, Iran, Korea, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (sorry Kimmy), Sudan, Syrian Arab Republic, and the Russian Federation.

      For those on the fence, waiting for an expansion or two to come out may not be such a bad idea — if you can hold out all the way until the Complete edition, that’s another route to take. For all other hardcore Civilization fans, well, you probably have your damn key loaded into your Steam account already.


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