Civilization V getting Extreme Diplomacy mode

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Firaxis Games is tweaking the classic Civilization formula with an all-new way to become the world’s mightiest nation: Extreme Diplomacy mode. When standard military conflict and diplomacy aren’t effective in Civilization V, players can enter a deathmatch with another world leader.

Whoever comes out victorious automatically gains control of their opponent’s entire empire. As such, the threat of being challenged to fight one-on-one is a constant factor to consider while upgrading your cities and expanding your fine country.

Each leader will have a special attack and finishing move, including: George Washington’s Wooden Tooth Chomp Attack, Otto von Bismarck’s Hurricane Helmet Spike Attack, Cleopatra’s Phalanx of the Leopard Army, Genghis Khan’s Arrow Shower from the Mongol Bow, and Julius Caesar’s Reverse Assassination.

Lastly, Firaxis confirmed the existence of a deluxe edition with a special eight-button joystick intended for the Extreme Diplomacy mode. No price was given at the time of writing, unfortunately.

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