Civilization V demo coming

I’m already salivating over Civ V. Here’s how ready I am: I downloaded a high-res screenshot of the game and set it to cover my full computer screen to simulate that good feeling I’m going to have when the game finally launches.

I’ve only seen bits and pieces of it, but I’m more than ready to lose large chunks of my life to this game come this September 21st. The good news is that we’ll get an early treat with a demo, which has just been confirmed from the game’s website.

2K says that the demo is coming in September, before the game, and that more details on the demo and the full date will come soon. ShackNews reminds that the Civ IV demo allowed 100 turns. I’d be happy with that!

I’m already trying to figure out how to apologize to friends, family and co-workers about my neglect of all responsibility. How about you?

Dale North