Civilization Revolution contest winners announced, bra-burners curiously absent

Of all the things I thought for sure we’d see in response to the call for entries in our Civilization Revolution contest, I thought bra-burning was a sure thing. Come on, guys — the sixties? You might not have been there, but you likely had at least one parent than revolted against the iron fist of authority. Thankfully, our own Conrad Zimmerman supplied us with what we had in mind, just for the hell of it.

Hit the jump to check out the ten winners of the contest. Before you say it, let me save you the trouble — some of these entries did not follow the rules originally stated of having yourself in the picture or video, but since we did not get ten entries of that sort, we decided to go ahead and choose the most creative ones that did not feature the entrant in them. Viva La Revolution!

#10: Bidchka for Louvre painting

#9: kevvo for rabbithead Gamestop employee

#8: JorTron for Pong Machine

#7: Angel Thanatos for V

#6: KMacWVU for Nintendo Superhero

#5: emotoaster for The Joker

#4: iRaf for Your actions are pointless

#3: Anus McPhanus for Rave protest London Underground

#2: Tablet for revolution against JRPGS

#1 GRAND PRIZE WINNER: Justice for Destructoid Revolution

Thanks to everyone to entered for making this one so much fun! I will send all winners an email to get your addresses and ship you your goodies soon. Thanks for reading Destructoid!


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