Civ: Beyond Earth – Rising Tide pre-order deal shores up free Steam weekend

More to do in Civ: BE

Update: GMG’s deal dropped another $3 to account for the 10% off instant savings.

Pre-orders for Civilization: Beyond Earth – Rising Tide (the first expansion) went live today, and you know what that means… deals coupled with a free Steam weekend event! A good time to try the game for those who haven’t taken the plunge on Civilization: Beyond Earth.

Before you worry about not having enough months to give Civ:BE a whirl this weekend, you’ll actually be able to experience most of what the game has to offer in a two- to three-day period given that Civilization games sans expansions can usually be a lighter affair.

Here’s all the associated deals available for this weekend:

Pre-ordering at GMG gets you the Steam key of the October 9 release for Rising Tide at 23% off, whereas Steam only has a standard 10% pre-order price cut. Among the deals in the series includes a “Classic Bundle” which is not worth buying (hence we didn’t list above).

Also available is the Civ: BE + Starships bundle for only $21 — a notable historic low. Starships isn’t exactly a must-have title, but for those that want both, this is a good price.