City smashing game Eat Them! coming to PSN

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FluffyLogic is showing off screens of upcoming PlayStation Network title Eat Them! It’s more of a destruction game and less of a food consumption game, though your massive, city-mashing monster is supposed to eat people as fuel. Nom. The comic-y game has you creating your own monster to plow through cities in either single player, split screen or co-op missions. 

FluffyLogic says that old monster movies and comics inspired this game. And both smashing cities and eating people is always cool. I was never a comic guy (or a monster movie guy), but I love those big monster city smashing games, and we haven’t seen one in awhile. I just put in King of the Monsters from SNK the other day. Great game. Maybe this will have the same vibe. 

Eat Them! is scheduled to release this winter on PSN. 

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