Cities: Skylines’ snowy expansion drops Feb. 18

Send in the plows

I’ve seen snow only once or twice this year, and even then, it didn’t stick around for long. Meanwhile, Brett is regaling us with tales about how he’s just now venturing out of his snowed-in house for the first time since Sunday. As someone who grew up in the Midwest and has long since escaped to a milder climate, I can safely say I don’t miss the chilly precipitation one bit.

That said, I would like to take on mother nature as a virtual mayor. Would I win? Of course not. And my fair citizens would suffer immensely. But it’d be a good challenge, and that’s all I want. Cities: Skylines is going to make this silly dream of mine a possibility with its upcoming Snowfall expansion, which hits Windows, Mac, and Linux on February 18 for $12.99.

Steven, our honorary Mr. Plow, already gave us the rundown on the new content. Don’t worry — he’s fully bonded and licensed by the city.

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