Cities: Skylines After Dark trailer shows off your city’s nightlife

Get your drunk arse home, mayor

Cities: Skylines was absolutely fantastic. Developer Colossal Order did a fantastic job of balancing its fun city creation tools with a detailed simulation that made SimCity look like some matchsticks held together with sick.

The latest trailer for the upcoming expansion After Dark shows how your city will act once the sun goes down, and it’s looking pretty damn interesting. After Dark introduces new buildings such as bars, nightclubs, and prisons, as well as new transportation options like a taxi service.

Your city will slow down at night while most people are asleep, meaning you have to balance an active nightlife with ensuring everything in your city works as it should when the sun comes back up. It doesn’t sound like a big change, but considering how much micromanagement the game needs, it could be a pretty big challenge to keep everything going smoothly through the night.

After Dark releases on September 24. 

Joe Parlock