Circuit City: your new source for used games?

It looks like electronics retailer Circuit City may soon be able to give you a Better Buy than their competition, as they plan on selling used games in their stores.

Circuit City joins the ranks of other retail outlets that have figured out that they can earn a fair bit of money by buying our old crap. SmartMoney says that the company has given the used games program a green light after testing it in ten stores and online. It seems that they want to do something with the shelf space lost from the music CDs we’re not buying.

It’s not clear on how pricing will be determined, or how many stores will support this program, but senior VP Irynne MacKay did say that they “want to be competitive on pricing.”

I don’t know that Circuit City’s almost 700 stores can match the reach of GameStop’s 4,700 locations, but this could possibly help them gain back some of the market share they’ve lost to Best Buy. Given good pricing, availability, and trade-in value, Circuit City may become a good alternative to the other pre-played game outlets.

Do you see yourself frequenting a big electronics store to buy your used games? 

[via Ars Technica

Dale North