Stunning Chun-Li statue coming to Kikoken your bank account

The strongest (and priciest) woman in the world

Deluxe merch-maker Prime 1 Studio is back again, bringing with it the latest release in their stunning range of premium “Masterline” character statues. Following on from 2021’s attractive diorama of Devil May Cry‘s Dante, this new statue immortalizes one of the most iconic and recognizable video game characters of all time, Street Fighter‘s Chun-Li.

Standing at 1/4 scale (roughly 30 inches in height, including base), this gorgeous statue depicts The Strongest Woman in the World as she appears in Street Fighter V, bedecked in her classic Street Fighter II costume and daubed in its alternate pink coloring. The highly dynamic posing sees Chunners flowing with powerful energy, just a frame away from unleashing her devastating Critical Art attack.

chun-li statue prime 1 street fighter

Clearly, the fight has raged for quite some time, as our hero stands atop the debris of a decimated “Bustling Side Street” stage. The K.O. is most assuredly close. This Limited Edition also comes packaged with an alternate head, allowing fans to pose the Interpol agent in full focused combat mode, or coyly winking at the hapless opponent about to get sent into the stratosphere.

Now, the damage. The Premium Masterline Street Fighter V Chun-Li Pink Costume Limited Edition statue (phew) is no slouch on the wallet, retailing for a princely $1,099 USD (not including shipping). Truly limited, the statue has a meager format size of only 150, so she will be quite rare, even by premium statue standards. If you are a die-hard fan of the battlin’ babe, then you can place your pre-order over on the official Prime 1 Studio store right now. Payment options are available, with Chunners expected to ship in late-2022/early 2023.


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