Chun Li and Mai have a boob fight in Street Fighter art book

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If you love Street Fighter and have a thing for art, then you’ll really want to get your mucky hands on SF20: The Art of Street Fighter. The book’s being put together by Udon (the chaps behind the Darkstalkers book) and is absolutely stuffed to the gills with concept art, promo work, game covers, sketches and more. If it’s about Street Fighter and it’s been drawn, chances are it’ll be in this book.

In addition, it’ll have commentary on the best bits of work by such Capcom artists as Akiman, Kinu Nishimura, CRMK, Edayan, Dai-Chan and Ikeno, Shinkiro. As if that wasn’t enough, Chun Li and Mai have a big ol’ boob fight, as the above image clearly indicates. Boob fights are great, so this book will probably rock. 

The tome is due out on September 20 and looks like it’ll be required reading for Street Fighter collectors. Also, I think Mai’s winning there. What about you?

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