Chrono Trigger, Tomba sequel hit PSN in Japan

Japanese PlayStation Network users are in for a treat, as they’ll be greeted with a double fisting of Chrono Trigger and Tomba: The World Adventure today. The former costs ¥1,200, while the latter goes for a much more accessible ¥600.

I’ve been demanding the original Tomba on Western PSN services for well over a year, but Sony has been consistently deaf to my pleas. It’s been out in Japan for ages, and the release of the sequel only serves to taunt me further. Come on, Sony!

Chrono Trigger needs no introduction whatsoever. It is Chrono Trigger. Bask in it. 

Two other games — Super Pang Collection and Fire Panic — also hit the Japanese PSN today for six hundred yenny-yoo-yas apiece. 

Chrono Trigger and Tomba Hit PSN Today [andriasang]

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