Chrono Trigger: the bar will give you some great drink ideas

It’s confirmed: the students at the IT University of Copenhagan are total nerds. I mean that in the best way, by the way. After having their own Final Fantasy and Portal themed bar nights complete with tasty themed drinks, they’ve decided to do it again — this time with a Chrono Trigger theme.

Drinks features included the Gato, Frog (pictured above), Spekkio, Nu, Ayla, 65,000,000 BC, Marle, R-66Y, Millenium Fair, Magus, Chrono, and of course Lavos, which includes vodka, rum, Bailey’s, Cointreau, ginger ale and more. My stomach throbs just thinking about it.

Hit the website up here if you want to nab some of the drnk recipes for your own consumption. For the next party, I suggest a Metal Gear theme!

Colette Bennett