Chrono Trigger DS countdown reveals new trailer, not much else

I have a confession to make. I told the other editors that I woke up extra early this morning for some unknown reason, but it was really because I had to see what happened when the mysterious Chrono Trigger DS clock finished counting down.

Only five seconds to go …

4, 3, 2 …

1 …

*site crashes* AH NOOOOOOOOO!

Okay, it’s back up … whew! The newly unveiled, extremely minimalist Chrono Trigger DS Web site offers nothing more than a teaser for the highly anticipated Nintendo DS game. Sadly, no dual screen footage or any sort of touch screen implementation is shown. A Winter 2008 Japanese release date, co-op for one to four players, and wireless play are confirmed, but if you were hoping for a plethora of new information you are sure to be a little disappointed. Still, seeing that pendulum swing back and forth is enough to get me excited.

Check out the admittedly simple Web site here and tell us what you think. Is it too basic to satiate your unbearable hunger, or are the nostalgic images of Chrono and friends enough to get you by until more info about the game is revealed?

[Thanks for the ridiculously fast Youtube, Pedro!]

Chad Concelmo