Chrono Trigger and FFVI on PSN? SNES RPG overload!

Even in this day of remakes, rehashes and rereleases, there’s a few classic RPGs that will make us give that silent approval nod. The rare few that will make us buy another re-release no matter what. Sony hits us with two of them this week: Final Fantasy VI and Chrono Trigger.

Holy Mother of Downloadable Games.

I can’t promise that I’ll complete either one of these games, but I’m sure as sh*t buying them on PSN this week. They’ll live on my PS3 game list as well as my PSP’s memory card. I’m sure they’ll have a home on my Vita, too. Just knowing I can touch/click on an icon and boot up two of the finest games ever made is pretty nice. We’re so spoiled these days.

Dale North