Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena vids demonstrate melee combat

Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena hits American store shelves April 7. Since it’s merely the end of February, Atari (the publisher) has decided to ramp up the teasing. Below the fold are two fresh Assault on Dark Athena trailers featuring the new content in a spectacularly visceral way.

The first trailer, “Cargo Bay,” focuses on Riddick’s stealth abilities. Shadow has always been Riddick’s favorite haunt in the fiction and it appears as if Assault on Dark Athena won’t be lacking dark corridors and corners. The teaser displays how to hide and hunt by using a combination of night-vision and Riddick’s badass Ulaks. A few of the stealth takedowns are excessively brutal; Riddick lays into guards like a mountaineer slings steel into ice for leverage.

The other video, “Crew Quarters,” punctuates the melee brutality by illustrating a few close combat encounters. The Ulak shredding is nice, but I was more impressed by the Condemned-like blunt impacts of the Club weapon. At one point, I think Riddick smashes a merc’s nose. Tasty.


Brad BradNicholson