Chromecast Black Friday deal = $25 + 3 months HBO Now

Deals to ponder

Google has an eBay store? Yes indeedy – and the Black Friday deals are flowing. For a limited time (probably not), Google is selling its popular 2015 Chromecast for only $25 flat. This is a discount of $10, which translates to 28% off (we did the math).

Best of all, it comes with free 3 months of HBO Now, so you can enjoy family-friendly series such as Game of Thrones, Westworld, and more!

Quantities are limited. I mean, they’ve sold about 11,677 units at time of writing, so I’m sure they’re just about to run out.

Update: Changed deal to Best Buy so people can actually pick up the unit in store if they so choose vs waiting for snail mail.