Chris Avellone has left Obsidian Entertainment

No reasons given as yet

If you’re at all into PC-style role-playing games of the Baldur’s Gate variety, this may be big news to you: Chris Avellone has, according to brief Twitter and Facebook announcements, parted ways with Obsidian Entertainment, a studio he helped found back in 2003, where he acted as creative director. 

Avellone’s credited works practically read like a list of my favorite RPGs, including the likes of Fallout 2, Knights of the Old Republic 2, Alpha Protocol, Planescape: Torment, Neverwinter Knights 2, Fallout: New Vegas, and more recently, Pillars of Eternity

He didn’t state why he left or where he’s going next, and at the time of writing Obsidian has yet to issue its own statement. Personally, I’ve got fingers crossed that he shows up to write Fallout 4.

Josh Tolentino
When not posting about Japanese games or Star Trek, Josh served as Managing Editor for Japanator. Now he mostly writes for Destructoid's buddies at Siliconera, but pops back in on occasion.