Cholera! Oregon Trail is live on Facebook today

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The game that taught me the name of diseases is now on Facebook. Thanks to The Learning Company, the educational classic Oregon Trail is now a FB game, now with updated graphics and social elements. Round up your wagons and head on over. Play alongside friends now and head off on the trail together.

New tweaks to the original forumla are based around playing with others. For example, you can earn extra points by inviting friends to come along for your trip. They can help out on the trail. There’s also new professions to pick from, each with new benefits and drawbacks. It all sounds slightly less educational, but who cares about that crap! After I get done working today I’ll be giving this a spin. See you on the trail?

In related news, the just slightly less cool Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? is gearing up for a February 9th launch on Facebook. 

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