Chocobos are using Twitter to race in Final Fantasy XIV

It’s funny because birds tweet

Final Fantasy XIV confused the shit out of me. I played it for about a month, and I’ll probably go back to it, but god damn I had no idea what I was doing. But now there is an anchor in that game, something I know and understand, and something that can protect me in a scary and confusing world: the mighty Chocobo. Kweh.

What’s that? They’re making this confusing as well? Shit.

As part of the updating expansion Heavensward, FFXIV will be hosting a series of eight different races with the goal of winning prizes such as gaming laptops, headsets, and game time. When you sign up to the race, you’ll need to use Twitter: the more tweets and retweets your Chocobo receives, the quicker they’ll go. The more laps your Chocobo completes in the time allotted, the better your chances are at winning.

There’s the trailer which goes a way to explain what the hell is going on, but the FAQ on the website explains it much better.

The first of the races starts next Tuesday (May 26) at 1PM PDT, so either register your Chocobo on the website, or mute the word “Chocobo” on Twitter before the landslide begins. Kweh.

Joe Parlock