Cho Aniki headed to PSP: Homoerotic insanity hits Japan

If you’re a fan of musclebound half naked men (and really, who isn’t?) then you may be titillated by news that the notoriously camp shooter Cho Aniki is mincing its fabulous way to the PlayStation Portable.

Zero Cho Aniki is set to be a remake of the original side scrolling shooter. You play as one of two speedo-clad bodybuilders, Simon and Adon, and shoot bullets at enemies, which may or may not be half-naked men themselves. It spawned a series of sequels, including an outrageous one-on-one fighting game

NCS/Extreme will be making the game, due out in 2009. Don’t hold your breath for an American release though, because this is the kind of stuff that only flies in Japan.

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