Chiptunes on a chip, just like mom used to make (before she was eaten by bears)

Chiptunes artist Alex Mauer has stumbled upon the kind of synergistic, proactive scheme that marketing firms create terms like “synergistic” and “proactive” to describe. Mr. Mauer forgoes the standard MP3 or laser-etched media route with his latest album of bleeps and bloops, and has instead opted to release Vegavox on high-fidelity plastic NES cartridges.

You can purchase a copy of Vegavox from this page for €22 (two hogs’ heads), or you can catch a preview clip of his music here.

While many may see this move as merely a novel trick, for those of us who get pixelated nostalgic tears from this particular genre, Mr. Mauer is a genius. In reaction, Destructoid has decided to release all further blog entries on Game Gear cartridges, and each episode of the Podtoid will be shipped to you on a CPS1 board.

[Gracias Tehuberone

Earnest Cavalli
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