Chinese universities to students: leave your computers at home

We’ve all heard the stories about how the gamers of Asian nations can’t break away from their computers, being fully dedicated to multiplayer gaming and winning. How admirable! We already know that China limits the time children can play video games, but now it looks like more college freshmen will have to tough it out without their PCs for at least one year.

Ars Technica brings us news about how Chinese universities are not letting new students bring PCs and gaming gear with them to school for their first year. Zhejiang University, Nanjing University, and Shanghai Jiaotong University all have their first year students learning computer free. They’ve instituted this rule to help students start their college years out right, not letting them fall into the MMO trap.

According to this Chinese article, Wuhan university authorities set this PC ban in place a few years ago because they felt that freshmen have “rather weak self-control,” and the time away from games would help them develop good learning habits. Wang Xuemei, Director of the Students’ Affairs Division of Wuhan Institute, says that even sophomores are on “PC lock-down” until they pass a certain English test. Harsh!

We feel bad for our Chinese brothers in gaming. We wish you college freshmen the best, and hopefully we’ll see you online next year. You can throw your education out the window then.

[thanks, Justin] 

Dale North