Chinese government punishes corrupt officials in new online game

This is hilarity on a stick. China, the country that finds skeletons in videogames offensive, has released a game where you can physically torture corrupt politicians … and their families! Incorruptible Fighter is a new online PC game developed by Chinese government employees in which players slaughter untrustworthy officials using weaponry and magic in the quest for a “graft-free paradise.” This may very well be the greatest — and hypocritical — videogame ever made.

100,000 gamers have thus far flocked to this new game, that also sees you targeting the loved ones of your victims in order to achieve victory. “We want game players to have fun but also to learn about fighting corruption, folklore and history,” claimed Chinese official, Qiu Yi. Hope he made sure there weren’t any skeletons, just plenty of women walking around in bikinis. Of course, it was Peking University professor Wang Xiongjun with the best quote on the matter. “Government officials should be the ones getting anticorruption education, not local youngsters,” he stated in answer to Incorruptible Fighter. Sick burn, my friend. Sick, sick burn.

[Thanks to TheGoldenDonut]

Jim Sterling