Chinese Democracy lives on in Rock Band 2

The latest out of the NYTimes is that this Monday MTV and Harmonix will announce that a Guns N’ Roses track called “Shackler’s Revenge” will make its official debut on Rock Band 2. The track is from the perpetually delayed album, Chinese Democracy. The article then goes on to state that Chinese Democracy could come out this fall with Duke Nukem Forever and When Pigs Fly.

Of all the songs that I wish could be in Rock Band 2, I can’t say that I imagined a Chinese Democracy single was one of them. The Guns N’ Roses library is considerably vast. How about “November Rain” or “You Could be Mine?” There’s something special about those two songs specifically. It could be the Slash solo or the Terminator, but what do I know?

Another fine tidbit brought up from the article deals with another set of 80’s rockers, Rush. The band felt that the audience reception of music and rhythm games was so great, that they recorded an alternate version of “Working Man” for the original Rock Band. That song proved so popular that Rush is considering putting the single out on iTunes, as well as doing a doing a full album just for Rock Band.

Anyway, feel free to speculate like crazy, because if a song from Chinese Democracy is going to hit Rock Band 2, then anything will. I call for the Orgy rendition of “Blue Monday”, or even KMFDM’s “Hau Ruck.” Even better, how about the entire Jimmy Buffet library this time around?

[Thanks, Andrew!]

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