Chinatown Wars will have GTA IV’s map and lots of drugs

New details have come to the forefront on the Nintendo DS title, Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. According to the latest issue of Spanish videogame magazine Hispana (via GTALimite), drugs and the selling of drugs will be the major driving force in the game. It seems as though, and it’s mentioned specifically as Drug Wars-esque, as if the simple rules of supply and demand will be the means of success in Chinatown Wars.

Thankfully, selling drugs won’t be as boring and as limited as it was on your expensive number cruncher in Calculus class. Chinatown Wars will have graphics and a fairly large map. According to Nintendo Everything, who translated the article, the map in Chinatown Wars is essentially the same as GTA IV’s with the exclusion of the borough Alderney.

There are also a few more cute features listed after the break. The main point of interest aside from the maps and drugs is that hailing a taxi is being done quite differently than its console brethren. Instead of wandering out into the middle of the street waving your arm and getting hit by cars, players will have to whistle into the DS’ microphone.

Makes you wonder how you’ll pick up prostitutes.

– Camera can swivel 360 degrees
– Trains will pass overhead in the city, cars will circle, pedestrians will be walking, etc.
– GPS seen on the touch screen while you move through the city
– PDA allows you to gain access to the map with more details as well as the goals of missions
– You can mark points that you want and the GPS will always tell you the shortest legal route to the destination with yellow or blue arrows
– New discoveries (such as gas stations) are added to the map
– Top screen brings you all the action, while the lower screen will let you control elements like the PDA, GPS, the radio, access to the people on the map, or using Motolov cocktails and grenades.
– Drugs have a big importance in the game
– Drug system can be compared to Drugwars
– You have to control the stock of drugs, buy them in one neighborhood and sell them in another – Good way to make money in the game
– You are given a map so that you know what people demand and at what prices
– Like other GTA games, in Chinatown Wars, you can catch a taxi – whistle into the microphone so the taxi will stop

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