Chinatown Wars will attempt to ‘change the perception’ of the DS and its games

The adult-friendly DS title Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars will do more than give players an interactive drug-selling experience – it may also completely redefine what they think of their DS and the games it can offer. In a recent interview with 1UP Rockstar Leeds’ big man Gordon Hall said his studio is seeking to prove that adult titles on the DS can succeed and in the process “change the perception” of the very kid-friendly platform.

From the interview:

… There was no previous business model that showed anything other than abject failure in the adult DS space. We came away from that chat with a target to get something onscreen that would really change the perception of the DS and the games it’s capable of making. If we thought, after the initial test phase, that it had potential, we’d back it and hope we could do what Rockstar always tries to do and create new markets. If, though, it looked like we couldn’t really impress people and excite them about something new, then we’d pull the plug straight away.

On name alone Hall probably realizes that the title will sell well. It’s hard to envision a DS shelf cluttered with bloody, pregnant-lady-kicking games but it is certainly welcome. If there’s one niche the DS hasn’t really appealed to yet, it’s the people who really enjoy killing realistic things after selling drugs to them.

[via Softpedia]

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