China’s Jack Thompson: online gaming is a major cause of stupidity and crime

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Jack Thompson may be the one most of us associate with the anti-videogame stance, but he’s hardly cornered the market with his view on the subject. Hailing out of China is a 61-year-old Sociologist named Tao Hongkai who has a few outspoken words of his own to share with the public on the great videogame debate. His greatest argument? Online gaming kills brain cells.

According to Tao Hongkai, you can expect to lose 10 percent of your IQ just by gaming online for a three-year time span. I really feel for you readers out there who have been doing the online thing for most of your lives — surely you are intellectually stunted beyond all hope by now. However, the fun doesn’t stop there. Would you believe that over 70 percent of juvenile crime in China can be traced back to Internet addiction? I still don’t believe it.

With statistics like that, one might be led to believe that crime had no reason to exist before videogames and the Internet. Sounds to me like Jack Thompson might want to give this guy a call, and chat sometime. They seem to have a lot in common. I sense the early rumblings of the next dynamic duo in the making.

[Via GamePolitics

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