China gets a live action PUBG trailer that is surprisingly awesome

Movie when?

In a move reminiscent of all those Call of Duty live action ads, PUBG Corp has created a live action trailer for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. This is to commemorate the launch of the two Chinese mobile games and just…wow. I’m honestly surprised how much this looks like the actual game. Where the hell was this filmed?

Seeing as how PUBG Corp wants to expand the “franchise” into different avenues, I could definitely see a film working after watching this. It looks hyper intense and all the various different costume pieces are pretty easy to replicate. While there isn’t much in the way or a story, I could see a plot resembling the film Battle Royale, just with kids at school playing on their phones.

Actually, that sounds kind of stupid. Let’s just leave it at this trailer.


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