Chime sequel Kickstarter has already hit its goal

Looking sharp

I mostly remember Chime as a game that had one super easy achievement worth 50 Gamerscore. It did a thing where proceeds went toward charity, so just buying the game was enough of an achievement, I guess. I was pretty bad at Chime, so I don’t remember getting much further, but I did enjoy the relaxing time I had with it.

It turns out that developer Ste Curran is working on a followup for Linux, Mac, and Windows called Chime Sharp, and it went up on Kickstarter a few days ago. Not only that, but it has already passed its goal of around $15,000, so it has shown there is enough interest in the sequel.

Personally, I’m glad to hear about the tweaks being made to the musical puzzler. One of the main reasons I think I stopped was the clash between the relaxing gameplay and the strict time limit. If I could just chill for a bit while I place blocks and listen to music, that would be ideal. Other changes are planned, including “ways to play together” and “sense of song geography.”

The last piece of the puzzle (so to speak) is the music, which is mostly under wraps right now, with information set to trickle out as the campaign progresses. Currently the roster includes Chipzel (Super Hexagon), Andrew Hung, and Tom Rowland.

An alpha version of Chime Sharp can be played here.

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