Child’s Play, where gamers give back

What’s Child’s Play you say? For the ignorant, yes I’m looking at you, Child’s Play is a charity run by those two crazy guys over at the webcomic Penny Arcade. Child’s Play is dedicated to improving the lives of children in hospitals around the world through the use of video game and toys. Get in the holiday spirit people, it’s not over yet.

Last year, the charity raised over $600,000 in cash and games from the Amazon wishlist they’ve set up. How much have they raised so far this year? $963,000. You people still have some love left in your cold, dark robot hearts, don’t you? This is the final push people, it’s just a bit away from $1 million. Open up your PayPal accounts and donate to the cause at ch[email protected]. Gamers unite! Help sick kids.

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