Children of Morta announces stretch goals

Co-op don’t come free

After giving you a formal introduction of Children of Morta earlier this week, Austin developer Dead Mage has revealed to hack ‘n’ slash hopefuls the stretch goals of its project on Kickstarter.

While an initial funding goal of $65,000 has been set, if players want to see this procedurally-generated roguelike beauty on Sony platforms, then Kickstarter backers will need to cough up $80,000 for a PS4 version, and $90,000 for the Vita — which seems like the perfect place for a title like this.

Having played my fair share of Binding of Isaac and Rogue Legacy on the Vita, I can’t think of a better device for these type of games (3DS as well, I suppose). My battery life is ready.

And if you want to add some local co-op to this game, Dead Mage is going to need a healthy $105,000. After that? Who knows. Maybe we can see an N-Gage version. Y’all still rocking the N-Gage, right?

Robert Summa