Check yourself into Wiihab: At least it’s one of the better Wii puns

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You can file this one under the “how the hell did they stretch this one to over three minutes?” category. Here’s a parody song from Amy Winehouse (or rather, Amy Brickhouse) called Wiihab in which the scary songstress celebrates her addiction to Nintendo’s little white wagglebox. I’ll give you a few moments to peruse Google’s image search for your facepalm jpeg of choice.
I’d like to thank Adam for sending this tip in, as it’s thanks to him that I’ll now have this bloody song stuck in my head all day. Honestly, when a tip’s mailed to us and the only reply is Tristero saying “Oh dear me,” it should be a reminder to stay away. 
I’d rather be at home with games That I could play all day
Cause there’s nothing
There’s nothing you can teach me
That I can’t learn from Mario or Luigi
Rock on, Amy. Rock the fudge on.

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